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Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care services offered in East Windsor, NJ East Windsor, NJ

Diabetic eye care at Eye Care Specialists focuses on the unique needs of people with diabetes. Nationally known board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon Mark Heimmel, MD, is a diabetic eye care expert with specialized experience in treating diseases of the retina. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent vision loss, so don’t delay in calling the East Windsor, New Jersey office, or schedule an appointment online today.

Diabetic Eye Care Q&A

What is diabetic eye care?

Diabetic eye care is customized medical care to detect, treat, and prevent eye problems related to diabetes. As a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Heimmel has extensive, specialized skills in this area, and he provides comprehensive diabetic eye care in the Eye Care Specialists office. 

Why is diabetic eye care necessary?


All adults need comprehensive eye exams to monitor and protect their eye health. Exams are particularly crucial for people with diabetes. 


Poorly controlled diabetes (ongoing high blood sugar levels) damages the delicate blood vessels in the back of your eye, causing a disease called diabetic retinopathy. In diabetic retinopathy, damaged blood vessels may bleed or cause swelling in the center of the retina (macular edema), which may lead to vision loss. 


People with diabetes have an increased risk of retinal tears, in which bleeding and scarring cause a rip in the retina, or retinal detachments, in which the retina peels off the back of the eye. Additionally, people with diabetes have an increased risk of vision-threatening diseases like cataracts and glaucoma. 


However, regular eye exams, which include advanced retinal imaging, allow Dr. Heimmel to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases at an early stage (even before you have symptoms). Early diagnosis allows you to treat diseases promptly and prevent additional damage to your retinas and other parts of your eyes.

What treatments does diabetic eye care include?


Dr. Heimmel regularly performs intravitreal medication injections and laser treatments to prevent disease progression and stabilize your vision. 


Early treatment is always best for diabetes-related eye diseases. But, regardless of the stage of your eye disease, Dr. Heimmel can help you preserve your current vision and prevent the progression of your disease. 


Everyone with diabetes needs routine exams on an as-recommended basis once a year, minimum. Dr. Heimmel expertly evaluates your needs and recommends a personalized diabetic eye care approach that will help you keep your vision. 


Diabetic eye care can save your eyesight, so it’s one of the most important aspects of your medical care when you have diabetes. Call Eye Care Specialists or schedule your appointment online today.