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Advanced Cataract Surgery

Advanced Cataract Surgery

Advanced Cataract Surgery services offered in East Windsor, NJ East Windsor, NJ

Advanced cataract surgery involves removing your cloudy eye lens and restoring your eyesight to its sharpest and clearest using intraocular lenses (IOLs). At Eye Care Specialists, world-renowned and board-certified ophthalmologist and surgeon Mark Heimmel, MD, provides customized cataract surgery to help patients take back their vision and quality of life. To learn more about the advanced IOLs now available, call the East Windsor, New Jersey, office or schedule an appointment online today.

Advanced Cataract Surgery Q&A

What are the signs I need advanced cataract surgery? 


Cataracts clouding of the eye lens can develop after about the age of 40. However, they grow quite slowly so you might not have any symptoms until decades later. Some common signs of cataracts are:


  • Reduced vision
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Visual disturbances like halos and glare
  • Haze over your visual field
  • Double vision
  • Frequent glasses prescription changes


Advanced cataract surgery involves removing your cataract and positioning a new intraocular lens (IOL) to replace it while correcting your vision. 

How does pre-op evaluation for advanced cataract surgery work?


During your pre-op evaluation, you’ll have specialized imaging scans to measure eye length and curvature. Dr. Heimmel studies this imaging and reviews your case to make personalized recommendations.

What are the lens options for advanced cataract surgery?


Eye Care Specialists offers a wide range of IOLs, including: 

Basic monofocal lenses


Monofocal lenses have a single point of focus. In most cases, monofocal lenses correct distance vision. Most people who choose basic monofocal lenses need to wear reading glasses or bifocals to see clearly at all distances.

Multifocal lenses


Multifocal, or trifocal, lenses correct your distance, mid-range, and close-up vision with minimal or no need for glasses. TECNIS Synergy and Alcon PanOptix® are leading multifocal lenses that allow for the widest range of vision without glasses. You might need reading glasses for reading very tiny print or in very low-light situations.

Toric lenses


Toric IOLs correct both cataracts and astigmatism (irregular shape of the corneal surface). They’re available in both monofocal and multifocal lenses. Studies show that toric IOLs provide improved distance vision and contrast sensitivity in low lighting, as well as a significant reduction of glare, halos, blurriness, and other issues. 

Extended range of vision


Extended range of vision IOLs elongate your focus point to allow a more seamless transition between distance and intermediate vision. Alcon’s AcrySof IQ Vivity® IOL also provides better functional vision for close-up visual tasks, like using your smartphone and reading. It provides better vision at all distances than basic monofocal lenses.


Each type of implant has its own benefits, so Dr. Heimmel provides expert advice tailored to your lifestyle and visual needs. He’s a world-renowned cataract surgeon, and many doctors come to him for their own cataract surgery. 


If you have cataracts or suspect them, call Eye Care Specialists or schedule your appointment online today.