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NJ LASIK specialist Dr. Mark Heimmel offers the highest level technology with the Wavefront Contoura Vision Topography-guided LASIK procedure.

In clinical studies, most Contoura Vision patients reported improved vision equal to or better than glasses. The procedure enhanced not only how much patients saw, but also reduced the severity of common visual complaints like light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night and glare.

92% of patients reported seeing 20/20 or better, 12 months after their procedure. Some patients even reported better than 20/20 vision.

A published study established that nearly 65% of eyes treated with Contoura® Vision experienced 20/16 vision or better, while 34.4% could see 20/12 or better.

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What our patients say

My entire family has had lasik surgery with Dr. Heimmel and we could not be happier. Honest, caring doctor.

Raymond C

I researched for months and went with Dr. Heimmel for my LASIK. So glad I did

Olivia G

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Prior to LASIK surgery, your doctor will perform a complete eye examination to rule-out eye diseases such as cataract or dry eye.

Advanced scans of the eye with topography and wavefront images will confirm the optimal treatment parameters for your laser vision correction. An instrument called a corneal pachymeter will check the thickness of your cornea.

LASIK can improve distance vision with excellent sharpness and clarity of vision. As our eyes change with age we all develop a need for reading glasses. This happens regardless if you have LASIK or not.

If you already need reading glasses, you may be a candidate for custom cataract surgery or correction with laser lens replacement. These treatments can help patients see up close without glasses.