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Out Of Town Patients

Out of Town Patients 
- Cataract Surgery

Out of town patients often seek out Dr Mark Heimmel for their cataract surgery of LASIK procedures. Eye doctors from across the country choose Dr Heimmel for their OWN cataract surgery. Call us today and we can help coordinate your surgical procedure and stay. Whether you are traveling from out of state or from another country, we want you to feel comfortable and at home at Eye Care Specialists.

Eye Care Specialists is located in Central New Jersey close to international airports and with several hotel options. We will provide discounts for local hotels during your stay. We can provide you with a transportation service to our ambulatory surgery center on the day of your procedure.
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At Eye Care Specialists, we work with eye doctors all over the world through our co-management program. Using an integrated care model, trusted optometrists will perform diagnostic, pre-operative, and post-operative care locally. The surgical procedure will be performed in East Windsor New Jersey by world-renowned cataract specialist Dr. Mark Heimmel. Results of testing and consultation are shared electronically to plan optimal care. Dr Heimmel is also available for virtual consultations any time they are needed to further assist in transitioning care.

"Absolutely fantastic experience with my cataract surgery! Everyone was excellent and so caring. Dr. Heimmel gave me back my vision after wearing glasses for the last 45 years I can't believe that I no longer need glasses. Free at last!"

-Susan K